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The Swongos are a three piece instrumental Surf Band from the St. Croix River Valley on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border. In addition to Surf Music, they have many styles of music such as Spy, Exotica, and Indie Rock sprinkled in their sound.  The Swongos are influenced by traditional surf music like Dick Dale and the Ventures but also groups such as the Pixies, and Los Cubanos Postizos. 

The Swongos have played shows with Messer Chups, Deke Dickerson, Surfer Joe, Tony Andreason from The Trashmen, The Phantom Surfers,  The Volcanos, Intoxicats, Surf Zombies, 13 Tikis, Trailer Trash, Black Widows, Turn Turn Turn, Wiped Out, Gully Boys, Surf Dawgs, The Moonrays, Hot Pastrami, and many more.

“The Swongos are a breath of fresh air in a genre that is hard to be original in. That’s what separates them from the pack. I can’t wait to see where this band heads in the future.“ 

Koop Kooper, Cocktail Nation 

"The Swongos' music is pure fun with a touch of the exotic, the perfect soundtrack for a tiki party or a nice cocktail at home." 

Mark Riddle, Quiet Village Podcast 

“An unlikely combination of spring ‘verb, facial hair and midwestern can-do work ethic, The Swongos make us smile every time we hang with them.” 

Rick Meyer, Intoxicats